dance for peace
dance for peace




Maria's Philosophy on the Labyrinth

“The purpose of the path is to bring us into a place of reconciliation, unification, oneness. 'Spirit' and 'Truth' make no judgement on who arrives first or last. The entry point within the self is the equalising factor that makes no distinction between the two. This principle of non-judgement is one of the most beautiful aspects of 'Spirit'. Acceptance and non-judgement allow free will to determine its own path, in its own way, in its own time, toward one's eternal home—the centre of one's being where there is no duality, only peace...deep peace and love, unbounded love for everything and every one. All this is within the kernel of our being. We were created with this divine 'presence' within us, which is what we essentially are. This powerful yet gentle presence, stands like a mother at the doorway of our home, holding up the light for us, to come back to the inner sanctum, from where we emerged. Life is a profound mystery, that leads us to discover the true nature of who we are.”

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"You are the jewel that is priceless and rare, that is shining at me and is making me stare, at the soul that I see, at the soul that I know, at the soul that I feel, at
the soul that I love. I'm just turning the wheel."

Wheel of Life Song
M. Savant 1994

"My darlings, you open my heart!"
M. Savant 2014



Documentary photographer:
Louise Bagger Photography

"It was an honour to engage the entire school in Walking the Peace Path. When we cultivate the spiritual nature of the child through educational process, it is like we open the doorway to Paradise and for a moment, we see in to the Kingdom of Heaven."
M. Savant 2014

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