dance for peace
dance for peace

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“The sense of peace you brought to me is still with me. I could feel the beautiful energy you brought to the room and I was absolutely thrilled to feel the energy you personally sent to me. I loved the way your teaching was so inclusive across different religious beliefs. I have been inspired to meditate more often. I am so glad to have attended your Mindful Meditation session. ”
Lyn Pole, Uniting Wesley Care Strengthening Families Far North Case Manager

“Thank you so much for the amazing journey last Friday. I really appreciated the teachings and openness within the group and personally benefited greatly from attending. It is easy to get lost in the fog of trying to find a work life balance, I feel the time we spent together has helped me a lot and given me teachings to reflect on which are very powerful. I can’t thank you enough for the experience.”
–Sue Wilkinson, Clinical Services Coordinator
Pt. Pirie Regional Health Service





“Maria is a beautiful teacher…. in every way. Her gift of gently and peacefully guiding us through meditation and the peace walk through the labyrinth left us all feeling an awakening stirring within. This was a respectful activity which we all appreciated. The ethereal environment Maria created, appealed to all our senses and was stunning. I wholeheartedly agree with Maria’s viewpoint that children are not given enough consistent opportunities to process information and transform it in a meaningful way and that Mindful Meditation would be extremely beneficial for student wellbeing. Thank you Maria for your passion and love…. Your love is a mirror.”
– Ann Rasheed, Primary School Teacher
Pt. Augusta










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